Studio Focus

STUDIO FOCUS is a new initiative, developed to help design studios find clarity and growth

Studio Focus

For Design Studio owners who need more stability and predictability in their business.



How can I get more customers?
How can I increase my income?
How do I get better customers?
How do I grow my business?
How can I have more time?



Turn your studio into a predictably profitable business.

We’ll help you dial in your offer and your proposition to get more of your ideal clients.

You will get clarity on your ideal client, type of work, process and delivery. You will leave with a laser focussed positioning and proposition.

The program is for a small number of studios only.

We want to build a powerful Studio Focus community.  Click on the link below to talk to us.



Analyse your studio
What are you really good at?
What problems do you solve and how?

Define your ideal client
Set criteria for the ideal client
Research and insights


Simplify and clarify your proposition
How will you solve your ideal client’s problems?

Design your signature offer
Design you signature process


By now you have an enticing proposition and a clear new offering

Sell your offer to 2+ clients

Tell me more

“David Tanguy and the Praline team have done a marvellous job of taking us on a journey of self-discovery, challenging us and encouraging us to realise our ambition.”

Chris Callard & Matthew Williams, Directors, HGP Architects

“It really helped me to get a clear vision and an actionable plan to grow my studio and brand. You can feel David's passion goes beyond design. He has a general interest in people to fully understand your identity, what you stand for and your dream goals.”

Andreas Kurkowitz, Founder, Kurkowitz Colour

“David knows how to ask the tough questions to get to the meat and bones of a problem. He is always looking to go deeper, to challenge the status quo so that he in turn can deliver a better solution to his clients. I have no doubt anyone looking to work with David going forward will be in for an incredible transformation as he brings with him a wealth of first hand experience.”

Michelle Louw, Strategist, The Simple Company

“Praline perfectly combined holding a mirror up to our organisation, celebrating who we are, whilst at the same time focussing us on why we needed and wanted to better communicate the diverse strands of work we do here at FACT. ”

Pippa Lea, Head of Marketing, FACT Liverpool


A new brand for the established Berlin-based hair colourist

Debuting multi-dimensional paintings by M (Michael Chow)

Exploring the history of transatlantic slavery through its connections with the Bank of England

Praline, graphic Design, Branding, Visual Identity, Website Design, Digital Communication, Culture&

A new name and identity for an inspirational charity

Repositioning an established architecture practice with new confident and bold messaging

Praline, Graphic Design, Branding, Visual Identity, Communication Material, Print & Digital, KWIK

Expressing the culture and energy of a new delivery startup

Praline, Branding, Brand Strategy, App design, BIMMY, Digital

Championing small businesses and connecting local communities

Praline, Graphic Design, Branding, Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines, Website Design, Softroom

Repositioning a world-class architecture practice

Embodying the spirit of being on the road

A new cultural platform for the culturally curious

Promoting social interaction through the arts in the time of Covid-19