Studio Focus

STUDIO FOCUS is a new initiative, developed to help design studios find clarity and growth

Studio Focus

For Design Studio owners who need more stability and predictability in their business.



Freelance designer not getting enough clients?

Design studio owner not getting bigger projects?

Design agency not able to scale?



We’ve helped hundreds of creatives around the globe to work with clients that pay for the value they bring to the table, consistently and reliably.

So if you’re tired and frustrated with not getting clients at the level that you really want

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Analyse your studio
What are you really good at?
What problems do you solve and how?

Define your ideal client
Set criteria for the ideal client
Research and insights


Simplify and clarify your proposition
How will you solve your ideal client’s problems?

Design your signature offer
Design you signature process

Attract your ideal client with a clear solution to their problems


Craft a strong messaging to connect with your ideal client on a deeper level

Sell your solution to take your clients to their dream outcome

Tell me more

“We have just heard that we've landed the job that I told you about. That's two new wins since starting with Studio Focus at £30k and this one at £100k. The work I'd done on the programme definitely helped us shape our pitch. There's a huge amount of stuff we've worked on with Studio Focus that has gone into us restructuring how we sell the idea of working with us to the client. We now have an advantage over the competition. ”

Neil R.

“We are in the process of signing our first big client with the new offerings we developed and taking the next step we were struggling to reach. We also definitely have more peace of mind. We are so happy with the results we are already experiencing and to finally see the goals we set at the beginning of the year as an actual possibility feels amazing!”

Andreina C.

“Studio Focus provided structure to allow me to be strategic about my own agency. The program highlighted the mindset aspect and allowed me to push past some preconceived notions of what I should be doing. The framework helped me to shift my own perspective and create client-centric offers that resonate.”

Nimisha G.

“Studio Focus completely transformed the way I think of what my design studio can offer to my clients. Conversations with David challenged my assumptions and gave me a clearer direction for growth. This course is a unique opportunity to be asked difficult questions, explore new strategies and reflect on your business in a supportive environment. A game-changing experience.”

Alessia M.


Joyful packaging for Bird in Hand's Sparkling Pinot Noir Rosé

A new brand for the established Berlin-based hair colourist

Debuting multi-dimensional paintings by M (Michael Chow)

Exploring the history of transatlantic slavery through its connections with the Bank of England

Praline, graphic Design, Branding, Visual Identity, Website Design, Digital Communication, Culture&

A new name and identity for an inspirational charity

Repositioning an established architecture practice with new confident and bold messaging

Praline, Graphic Design, Branding, Visual Identity, Communication Material, Print & Digital, KWIK

Expressing the culture and energy of a new delivery startup

Praline, Branding, Brand Strategy, App design, BIMMY, Digital

Championing small businesses and connecting local communities

Praline, Graphic Design, Branding, Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines, Website Design, Softroom

Repositioning a world-class architecture practice

Embodying the spirit of being on the road

A new cultural platform for the culturally curious

Promoting social interaction through the arts in the time of Covid-19