HGP Architects

Redefining an identity that better aligns with future ambitions

Client:   HGP Architects Year:   2021 Location:   Hampshire, UK Services:   Brand Strategy, Branding, Web Design

With over five decades of experience, what sets HGP apart is the value they offer in the years of experience, their belief in the importance of a strong work life balance, and understanding of good design principles.

We created a brand identity that embodies their vast experience, family culture and an open collaborative approach in everything they do, allowing them to act more confidently and express a clear HGP way of working.

In order to achieve their ambitions, our workshops together with members of the HGP team led to a brand positioning whereby they described themselves as the ‘Thoughtful Design Practice’. This ethos is the nucleus of the brand; it brings together the care they have for their team, their confidence in architectural design decisions along with their ambitions to constantly evolve their knowledge and skills.

Alongside their signature blue, all design features take their cue from the curved nuances of the logo, communicating the significance they place on the design process and conveying their approachable culture. This consideration was also taken into the art direction of imagery.

The positioning provides a basis for all photographers that work with HGP for all kinds of imagery, from team and office photoshoots to portfolio imagery. Collaboration, warmth and confidence always are always present when building the tone for art direction.