Championing small businesses and connecting local communities

Praline, Branding, Brand Strategy, App design, BIMMY, Digital
Client:   Bimmy Year:   2020 Location:   Paris, France Services:   Branding, Brand Guidelines, App design

Bimmy is a new startup app which champions small businesses and celebrates those who run them, providing affordable tools to help them succeed in what they do. Grounded in Bimmy’s values of sustainability and community, we wanted to develop a distinctive brand that inspires connection, and grows as they do.

Local businesses, championed.

Bimmy offers an eco-friendly and practical solution for customers to gather in one place the loyalty cards from the local businesses they visit, with the ambition to strengthen connections between people and local communities.

From the outset, Bimmy’s needed to be aspirational, yet functional, with a visual identity that feels highly singular and distinctive in a crowded environment. Whilst the platform required its own visual presence, it also needed to be flexible in allowing for the businesses it features to coexist and take the foreground.

We introduced a custom logotype with a distinctive character to accompany the graphic symbol.

The merged double ‘m’ becomes another subtle visual nod to the idea of connection, whilst creating an ownable signature.



Organic in design and in principle.

We were inspired by Bimmy’s core values of community and connection as well as the team’s respect for nature.

The organic ‘pebble’ shapes become a visual suggestion of these ideas – overlaying and growing to create dynamic and highly flexible visual textures. The restrained colour palette is also rooted in nature, but adapted for digital.

Conscious that the platform’s aim is to grow beyond current expectations, the identity needed to have strong foundations, whilst looking to the future. A set of digital guidelines was developed at the same time as the brand, defining a holistic vision for the app.

The brand solution accompanies Bimmy from the early concept stages, through launch, to its future successes.