We believe it is our responsibility to use the power of creativity and design to make a positive impact on the world.

We work with inspiring people, who trust us to challenge them and ourselves. Our approach is grounded in purpose and ideas, allowing us to be constantly tested and push forward what we know into new ways of thinking and designing.


We want to get to the heart of what you do and what you believe in. We want to challenge what you stand for, why you matter and help shape your brand to make a meaningful connection with your audience.

We listen and take the time to understand who you’re talking to, what their needs are and how you answer them.

Whether verbally or visually, your brand needs to inspire and cause a positive impact on your audience. It needs to act confidently and represent your personality.

Our experienced strategists and designers will define how your brand talks, how it lives and how it interacts with the world.

Working in between the digital and physical worlds, we help you articulate your unique voice through carefully crafted and informed design.

Our years of experience in visual culture allow us to filter through trends to create proud and lasting brands that benefit the world.


Joyful packaging for Bird in Hand's Sparkling Pinot Noir Rosé

A new brand for the established Berlin-based hair colourist

Debuting multi-dimensional paintings by M (Michael Chow)

Exploring the history of transatlantic slavery through its connections with the Bank of England

Praline, graphic Design, Branding, Visual Identity, Website Design, Digital Communication, Culture&

A new name and identity for an inspirational charity

Repositioning an established architecture practice with new confident and bold messaging

Praline, Graphic Design, Branding, Visual Identity, Communication Material, Print & Digital, KWIK

Expressing the culture and energy of a new delivery startup

Praline, Branding, Brand Strategy, App design, BIMMY, Digital

Championing small businesses and connecting local communities

Praline, Graphic Design, Branding, Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines, Website Design, Softroom

Repositioning a world-class architecture practice

Embodying the spirit of being on the road

A new cultural platform for the culturally curious

Promoting social interaction through the arts in the time of Covid-19