Culture Box

Promoting social interaction through the arts in the time of Covid-19

Client:   University of Exeter & University of West London Year:   2020 Location:   London, UK Services:   Brand Strategy, Branding, Packaging

Culture Box aims to alleviate social isolation and loneliness in people living with dementia. The Culture boxes contain multi-sensory materials and creative resources, including art and music, that provide stimulation and interaction. We created an identity that was both clear and joyful and one which reflected the positive mission behind the initiative.

The biggest challenge was to create an identity which was both simple, following dementia accessibility guidelines, and something that generates excitement and anticipation for care home residents.

We thought it would be interesting to look at the idea of what lies inside the box and how the objects and activities could interact graphically. These energetic visual shapes became a strong foundation in creating a system which aims to create a sense of intrigue and interaction.


“The Praline team have been a delight to work with on the CultureBox project. The team took on board feedback from people living with dementia as well as subject experts, reflecting this in the designs they created for us.”

Victoria Tischler, Professor of Arts and Health, Geller Institute of Ageing 
and Memory School of Biomedical Sciences