Creative Entrepreneurs

Empowering creatives to build and grow successful businesses

Client:   Creative Entrepreneurs Year:   2020 Location:   London, UK Services:   Brand Strategy, Branding, Web Design Developer:   Berliner Süden

Creative Entrepreneurs is a membership-based learning and networking platform for a community of entrepreneurial creatives that want and need to know how to build sustainable businesses within the creative sectors.

The design direction focuses on how the Creative and the Entrepreneur exist in unison, they live together in one space – the spirit of the design is to explore that space between the two halves, and to communicate that the creative and the entrepreneur are connected in one hub.

The CE logo acts as a framework to present content: It’s an adaptable system that can be used in many ways whilst always retaining the principles of creativity, dynamism, engagement and honesty.

The colour palette is bold, bright and engaging where the colour can be paired up throughout the identity, whilst always retaining legibility and a sense of creativity.

Our focus was where Creativity and Entrepreneurialism intersect. Their tone needed to convey that they understand the creative industry, how we think and our language so the brand needed to reflect this to ensure they are perceived as relatable, inclusive, creative and provocative – these four tones make up the overall brand strategy, and the visual identity goes on to contain elements of each of them.