Injecting fresh energy into a dynamic arts space

Client:   Charleston Year:   2023 Location:   East Sussex Services:   Campaign Design

Charleston is a place that brings people together to engage with art and ideas. Once a gathering point for some of the 20th century’s most radical artists, writers and thinkers, known collectively as the Bloomsbury group. Today the house and garden in Firle are enjoyed year-round with exhibitions, festivals and more.

Following on from this success in Firle, Charleston has opened its doors to a new arts space in nearby Lewes which, along with exciting exhibitions, also hosts a shop, café, community projects, artist-led workshops, gallery activities, and a learning programme.


Breathe new life into Charleston’s brand identity.

Bring energy to their exhibition communications and excitement around the new venue.

Shine a light back to Charleston in Firle.

Clearly signpost both locations.


We brought clarity to Charleston’s communications by distilling their offering into three core areas:


This has helped to engage with audiences old and new across both sites.

We also strengthened their exhibition communications by creating a clear hierarchy whilst allowing space to add simple sentences that give a flavour of what’s to come. The arrow acts as a location tag, this device extends out of the exhibition collateral and adds impact to other brand touch-points such as a directional graphic across the new building.

The graphic system was rolled out across the exterior and interior of the new building in Lewes, ‘out of home’ marketing channels across London and the South East, magazine adverts, as well as printed collateral in the form of flyers and invitations.