London Craft Week

Celebrating outstanding British and international creativity

Client:   London Craft Week Year:   2021 Location:   London, UK Services:   Brand Strategy, Branding, Web Design

London Craft Week is an annual event that celebrates exceptional British and International creativity and craftsmanship all over London. For six years, we worked closely with their team and partners to refine and refresh their communications, creating and developing their living brand each year, which has lasted since the first event and is still relevant today.

The event started as a response to a surge of interest in craft in the UK and to reaffirm the economic importance of craftsmanship to the rapidly growing creative industry. To make this into a successful event that could last years, they needed to find commercial partners. By refining their brand communications and keeping them fresh each year, we transformed the event into a recognisable brand that advertisers and sponsors would be proud to be associated with.

London Craft Week has grown into a leading event in the craft and design world and has maintained an increase of visibility of their brand. During the event, LCW has a magnified presence with posters, billboards and signs all over the city, encouraging new audiences to engage with the programme.