Joyful packaging for Bird in Hand's Sparkling Pinot Noir Rosé

Client:   Bird in Hand Year:   2023 Location:   Australia Services:   Packaging Design

Bird in Hand is a family-owned winery that champions social inclusion and advocacy through artisan wine. We were approached to create a distinctive gift box design for one of their most popular wines ‘Sparkling’. A blush coloured Sparkling Pinot Noir Rosé. Light and delicate with floral notes and hints of red berry fruits, it’s here to share moments of happiness and joy.

Our design approach tapped into and extended Sparkling’s culturally joyous visual language. We used Bird in Hand’s iconic logo and brought the hands together to create a device that symbolises bringing people together to enjoy memorable moments.

The bottle and wine label remained untouched with its stylish and simple monochrome approach. Our brief was to elevate the gift box experience, therefore a balance was needed to both compliment Sparkling’s existing identity and lean into what makes it unique.

The element of surprise is in the blush coloured liquid, we devised a gift box that leans into this strength by pairing this colour with a joyful yet elegant design.

Designing for a culturally savvy audience

Our aim was ensure that the packaging is beautiful, pop and popular without alienating its audience. We questioned what the audience needs, what do they want to be associated with, and how the design can help them.

In doing so our uplifting hand motif opened up the possibilities for an adaptable graphic system that extends further than solely the gift box. It elevates the experience of the wine’s identity – whether it’s viewed across marketing and social media channels or on cardboard delivery cartons.