City Country Coast

A celebration of Soho House's destinations around the world

Client:   Soho House Year:   2022 Location:   London, UK Services:   Book Design

We designed the third edition of Soho House’s popular book series. Titled ‘City Country Coast’ this publication spotlights a selection of their global destinations, providing inspiration for achieving the contemporary style of Soho House.

Bring the House home.

Working closely with the Soho House team we brought together food & drink recipes, along with interior design stories and tips on achieving their signature global style. We devised a cohesive structure to the editorial flow by clearly signposting the City / Country / Coast chapters with a colour palette that shifts throughout their distinct destinations.

Editorially our task was to provide a series of elegant layouts that would ensure a cohesive reading experience, whilst at the same time being able to flex and offer moments of surprise and intrigue. Each House is ‘spotlighted’ with a distinct colour, whilst recipes and interior design tips are presented in ways that best support the content. Together this built a consistent visual language which helps open the doors into Soho House’s urban, rural and coastal havens.