le lieu unique

Revitalising an avant-garde culture centre’s identity

new Le Lieu Unique logo on an image by Praline
Client:   le lieu unique Year:   2017–22 Location:   Nantes, France Services:   Branding, Web Design, Print, Art Direction

Le lieu unique is a contemporary cultural centre based in the heart of Nantes, France. In 2017, Praline was commissioned to refresh their visual identity and website. Over the past five years, we had the chance to renew our collaboration and design/art direct their season visual and communication campaign, each time creating something unique and memorable.

Le Lieu Unique’s logo is a strong visual symbol originally created for a famous Biscuiterie nationally renowned in France. Therefore it was important to keep it to maintain a memorable visual and continuity with all previous communication.

Le lieu unique cultural offer is also rich and diverse, they needed an identity which could exist in parallel to their programming. Constructed as a modular system of building blocks, colours and strong typography, the identity language can exist as a graphic expression of this system as well as showing their bold imagery.

Paired with a characterful typography, the colour palette is informed by each year’s programming so it constantly adapts to le lieu unique as it evolves. Each application is a new chance to communicate a new mood using established tools that reinforce le lieu unique graphic identity.

The identity never stands still, it evolves, grows and adapts to the centre’s vision.

Each year we commission the season visual for le lieu unique’s communications. Past commissions have been with 3D artists and photographers such as Jamie Rapp, Fvckrender, Mario Del Curto and Eliseo H. Zubiri.

Usually on the balance between reality and fiction, these artworks illustrate the themes explored throughout each season’s programming, and also inform updates to the brand guidelines and colour palette.





The ever changing identity is able to stay current, applied to their usual communication campaigns, but to also flex to different programmes of events, different locations, exhibitions and the website.