National Maritime Museum, Paris

Rediscovering a national collection through an immersive experience

Client:   Musée National de la Marine, OPPIC Year:   2023 Location:   Paris Services:   Exhibition design

In 2019, we teamed up with exhibition designers Casson Mann, to work on the renovation of the Musée National de la Marine semi-permanent exhibition.

We created exhibition graphics that respond to the extraordinary scale of the space as well as extend Casson Mann’s approach to the visitor journey: a softly lit, built-in, “horizon line” is punctuated by large scale, epic interventions. Similarly, the graphic panels create a consistent and well structured thread to help the visitor navigate through a dense quantity of content, never failing to create moments of surprises with monumental room panels or expressive room titles.

Improving accessibility for all is an ongoing objective for more and more museums and institutions today. Working with accessibility specialists and a committed client on this project has allowed us to grow and expand our design perspective for all future projects.

The font Theinardt has been selected for its high legibility and its characteristic extended cut. With the extended, we wanted to reflect the exhibition space’s generosity and monumental length, as much as this feeling of extended perspective when you are out in the sea.


The materials chosen—birch plywood and aluminium— are echoing the contrast of materials found in the collection, where 17th century wooden models cohabit with the ironclad of the 21st century, or ship containers.

Alongside the general graphics, we were commissioned to design an extensive library of pictograms, to help enhance the accessibility of all audiences throughout the different medias (including digital/AV).




All Images Credit: Boegly + Grazia for Praline