Engaging new clients with an elevator pitch

Praline, Graphic Design, Branding, Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines, Website Design, Digital, Softroom, Architecture
Client:   Softroom Year:   2020 Location:   London, UK Services:   Brand Strategy, Branding, Web Design Developer:   Adrien Picard

Softroom is an award-winning architecture and design practice working across a broad range of sectors, including hospitality, commercial and cultural spaces, as well as large-scale retail projects. After reviewing their online presence, it became clear their website needed more impact, to effectively communicate who they are and how they stand out, as well as their technical achievement and merit.

Openness and elegance across all interactions.

We saw an opportunity to set Softroom apart from their competitors by positioning them as a more dynamic studio.

This translated into developing further Softroom’s character through the website’s design and user interaction. The homepage acts as an elevator pitch that shows Softroom in a nutshell. It was designed to show the practice’s experience, capability and quality at first glance, and to be shown to potential new clients, online and in person.