Théâtre du Crochetan

Mirroring a creative and dynamic programme in a digital experience.

Client:   Théatre du Crochetan Year:   2020 Location:   Monthey, Switzerland Services:   Web Design Developer:   Florian Quiblier

Based in Monthey, Switzerland, Théatre du Crochetan offers a programme of classical and daring shows, allowing everyone to connect to the theatre. We were approached as they wanted their website to express more personality and represent their forward-thinking and contemporary programme.

We saw that the theatre curates an exciting programme of events, in theatre, music, comedy, exhibitions and dance, so their website had to be forward-thinking as well. Our goal was to create a new personality for the theatre’s online presence.

The design approach looks to connect and engage with a more youthful audience, whilst still remaining relevant to the theatre’s core demographic. We started by reinventing their online brand language and how visitors engage with the content and programme of the site. By developing a new website architecture, navigation and user journey, we let the users explore the rich content in an engaging and immersive way.

A vibrant new colour palette compliments each season’s imagery This and the new typographic language, which is ownable yet inclusive, lead to a much more contemporary website which feels accessible to everyone.

The filters are designed as big and bright buttons, emphasising how broad and rich Théatre du Crochetan’s programme is.



Events that have already happened get automatically blurred but the listing never disappears from the page, leaving a faint memory of past events.