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Yves Behar: Designing Ideas

Twenty Years of Fuseproject

Designing Ideas is a comprehensive retrospective of Yves Behar’s twenty-year career, with the focus made on more than 40 of his projects, along with an unprecedented insight into the creative process behind them.

We set out to create a book that successfully showcases Behar’s inspiring work, and displays it with the same generosity that characterised the written content and the book’s conversational nature. 

Yves Behar has redefined the role of the designer in the 21st century. Blending social responsibility with entrepreneurship, he has altered the landscape of designed objects that fill our houses, sense our daily activities, improve disadvantageous lives and enhance everyday experience.

The cover features the designer’s famous Herman Miller’s chair, unveiled in two close, intriguing crops.

The book’s six main chapters are structured by neon colours, used in large, full page areas. On these we displayed the text and sketches of each project.

We created a rhythmic experience for the reader. From discrete smaller sections on uncoated paper, pure visual moments of the project’s most beautiful pictures, and thick, blind embossed dividers giving the reader a palpable experience when flicking through the pages.

The blind-embossed pages bring the book closer to the world of product design. We asked Fuseprojects to create the six embossed dividers, derived from their recognisable patterns and textures.

The text pages themselves are rythmed by a change of typefaces, chosen to embody the two different voices running through the book.