The Wick

Website Design

Conceived by KTW London, The Wick is a new content-led hub showcasing life through the lens of art and culture; giving a voice to diverse artistic, creative talent and connect the culturally curious.

Praline was invited to help refine and develop the brand’s visual approach; creating a living brand language to express and articulate their vision and personality.

The platform needed to communicate a range of content and subject matter in a coherent way, whilst giving an ownable voice to the various themes that sit within. Praline expanded the brand toolkit, crafting visual systems and guidelines to allow KTW London’s team to take hold and bring the content to life.

The identity is driven by three core elements; colour, typography and imagery.

Working in close collaboration with KTW London’s team, Praline created a flexible yet distinctive colour palette, which balances bold, highly visual tones alongside a more corporate palette, allowing the editorial team to respond to and present content in a way that is relevant and engaging.

The Wick_Style Guides_Animation_To Loop

The website itself builds on a system of bespoke modules, allowing the curatorial team to create pages that respond to the content of each article; defining background colours, image layouts and content blocks.  

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