Théatre du Crochetan

Website Design

Based in Monthey, Switzerland, Théatre du Crochetan offers a programme of classical and daring shows, allowing everyone to connect to the theatre.

The theatre also focus their efforts in supporting the creation and raising awareness of artists from the region.

Théatre du Crochetan

We were first approached by the Theatre as they wanted their website to have much more personality which could represent accurately their forward-thinking and contemporary programme. 

Our design approach looks to connect with and engage a more youthful audience, whilst still remaining relevant to the theatre's core demographic.

We introduced a vibrant colour palette to sit alongside the season imagery, in addition to updating their typographic language ensuring it is ownable yet inclusive, with a balance of classic and contemporary details.

We wanted to protect the most recognisable elements of the new website, such as the big programme filter buttons and the web tickers, into every platform (desktop, mobile and tablet) as they play such a big part in the new personality for the theatre.

Considering this as a main priority, mobile versions were designed in parallel with desktop to ensure all functionality was there and that there was no compromise in the design choices. This way the new website personality feels the same on whichever platform the visitor sees it in.