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Branding, Website Design

Praline has re-designed Softroom’s brand and website.

Softroom is an award-winning architecture and design practice who works across hospitality, commercial, cultural spaces and large-scale retail projects.

We saw an opportunity to set Softroom apart from their competitors by developing a stronger voice and more defined personality. We decided that the identity should feel more open, elegant and inviting. 

The logo features a wider font with strong foundations, conveying a sense of self-assurance and generosity.

Softroom’s website needed more impact and to effectively communicate who they are, how they stand out, and their technical achievement and merit.

This translated into developing further Softroom’s character through the website’s design and user interaction. The homepage acts as an elevator pitch that shows Softroom in a nutshell. It was designed to show the practice’s experience, capability and quality at first glance, and to be shown to potential new clients, online and in person. 


Curating the projects on the website to support the defining values of the practice, we could display the work more dynamically to enrich the user experience and deepen the appreciation for what’s been achieved.