Naked Waves

Jon Sanchez

French photographer, Jon Sanchez’s first book is a journey in photographs through five years of his life.


Published by L'Écurie and with an introduction by David Herman, this book focuses on the surfer’s obsession with the wave he captures daily along the coasts of his native Basque Country. 

The two main themes of the book are colour and repetition, which we translated on the cover. 


By repeating images on both front and back and juxtaposing images side by side we created an unexpected composition which evokes feelings of tranquility and calm.

Creating a meditative experience, showcasing mesmerising imagery, the pages of the book work as a guided stroll across the landscape which capture the viewer’s perspective from out at sea.

We looked at the idea of the endless ebb and flow of the wave. This is shown in the repetition of images and full page spreads which aim to guide the viewer through the pages. 


The images are divided into sections which correspond to a different colour such as blue, pastel tones and gold. In this way we build up a rhythm and flow throughout the book.

“This is, indeed, the photographic gaze of a surfer: the obsession with the wave — even stretching over the land when it turns into a sand hill in the midst of the desert —, the trained observation of the rolling waves and their endless recurrence.” 


David Herman