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Mayfair Art Weekend

October, 2020

Mayfair Art Weekend is an annual celebration of the world’s internationally renowned gallery district. They host an extensive programme of events throughout October with galleries all across Mayfair.

The programme consists of free exhibitions, events, performances, talks and tours which allows the general public to get close to the world of art. 

We thought the identity and programme for this year needed to be vibrant, approachable, bold and should focus on the key words of ‘celebration’ and ‘creativity’. 

Inspired by the idea of exploration, we created a concept for the programme that could play upon the idea of a map, with twisting paths which lead to multiple directions – creating shapes which overlap and intersect. These shapes are also a nod to ribbons and streamers which links to the idea of celebration.

We pushed their brand colour, Mayfair Green, to a more vibrant hue in order to inject energy and to communicate the theme of festivity.

It also became a recognisable element of the event, which could be spotted everywhere on the streets of Mayfair during the event. 

"We loved working with you and we love the design!"

– Mayfair Art Weekend