Hidden London

Yale University Press

We were commissioned by Yale University Press and the London Transport Museum to design an illustrated book about London’s transportation network. 

Based on the London Transport Museum tour programme, Hidden London gives the reader a unique opportunity to discover abandoned, modified and reused Underground spaces. 

Visitors of the Hidden London tours get the feeling they’re seeing something concealed and exclusive, while learning the history about the network.

We wanted to translate that feeling into print, as well as the dramatic atmosphere of its various locations. The reader goes underground first, by flicking through a few textural and abstract photography spreads.

The image spread's layout is tight, to hint at the experience of walking through claustrophobic and confined spaces, corridors and tunnels.

The roughness of these spaces and the photography is shown on uncoated stock. Many of the image spreads are printed on dark background, making the experience more immersive.

The colour palette across the book, specially in the chapter dividers, is inspired by tints of the London Underground brand colours.