Get In

Vince Perraud

GET IN is a book by Vince Perraud, published by L’Écurie, designed by Praline. 

Foreword by Magnus Walker; Last Word by Adam Hay-Nicholls; with quotes from various sources. 

This is Vince Perraud’s first book. It features his many road trips with his friends and lots of classic Porshe cars, going across Europe, the US and Japan.

This book is all about being on the road and living the adventure in an ever-changing environment. 

We used two typefaces for the quotes that are scattered across the body of the book. By flipping between the two typefaces, we keep the pace going, in parallel with Vince’s photography.

The book was launched at Galerie Tagliatella, Paris, followed by its second launch at Deus Ex Machina, in Biarritz.