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FIFA rebrand

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) was founded in Paris in 1904 and is now based in Zurich, with 209 member associates. The organisation has been the topic of discussion over lunch at Praline for the past year, specifically its outdated image and how it beautifully communicates the kind of organisation it currently is, corrupt, untrustworthy and corporate. 

We believe FIFA’s original mission is positive and ambitious and would only benefit the game if followed. FIFA’s roots are in development of the game all around the world, at every level for everyone. We wanted this to become their mantra, at the forefront of their communication at all times. 

How many people around the world know what the 4 letters F.I.F.A. stand for? If the organisation is to reinvent itself and appear more accessible then a new identity should start with making this clearer and more human. As we were looking at the idea of rebranding FIFA we decided the most important element to focus on was the communication of their new selves, their message, their mission and core values. Being Open, honest and transparent. For the fans, players cultures and nations. In order to do this we felt the name had to change. We based the new name on the acronym, building something new out of it, something clean and pure. 

The result is a clear idea that takes FIFA’s original objectives and expresses them in a new, fresh way, using a new name that is flexible and ownable by all. The brand design is the result of expressing this idea. A flexible language rather than a corporate and opaque logo.