The Bull & Last

A Pub and Coaching Inn

We have worked closely with The Bull & Last owners to design the first book of North London’s most beloved local pubs. 

The 304 page strong book is not only just a cookbook, but a celebration of the last 12 years of the pub, under its owners, Ollie Pudney, Joe Swiers and Freddie Fleming.

The book features an extensive look at the history of the pub, the surrounding area and owner and head-chef’s Ollie Pudney’s 70 mouth-watering recipes.

For the imagery, we worked with photographer Joe Howard to convey a warm, approchable and authentic feel through the recipe pictures. To do so, we worked with a cosy atmosphere and combined it with mix of slightly worn out backgrounds and homely textures. Then a hand will sometimes show up to add the final touch to the dish.

The design of the book had to reflect the essence of what the B&L was back in the 18th century, the last coaching inn in North London before reaching the countryside.

This rural nature associated with the pub is still strong, from the owners’ roots, the suppliers they work with, to the pub interiors. Our research drove us to look at old British travel and hunting guides, as well as vintage cookbooks, which inspired both the look of the object, the typographic approach of the recipes pages and the illustrations used throughout the book 

The illustrations are from James Nunn. They are scattered through the book for an additional touch of quirkiness.