Bar Atlantic

Brand Refresh and Art Direction

Working with Ab Rogers Design, Praline had the opportunity to develop the brand of a well-established chain of restaurants and cafés and bars of the supermarket chain Esselunga, in Italy.

Using the original logo, we developed the strategy for how it’s used and the new visual language. We introduced a strapline to the brand which helped Bar Atlantic to define itself and to clarify its services. 

The circular counter is the heart of the restaurant, circular shapes became the visual element on the branding and packaging.

The round shape, applied with the logo and the new strapline made the communication stronger, immediate and highly recognisable.

The photography of each dish has a consistent neutral background that shows the materiality of the surface.

We used two ways to display the dishes for the diferent platforms: top down photos for menu screens on the wall; and side views for Kiosk touch screens.