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Academy of Social Sciences

Rebrand and Website Design


The Academy of Social Sciences promotes the social sciences in the UK for public benefit. They believe in the power of social science to advance the understanding of our contemporary human world and to shape a better future.

Through immersing ourselves in the world of social science we quickly understood its importance in society. Inspired by how the cross-collaboration of disciplines within the sector could help to shape a better future, we recognised that it was our responsibility to deliver a brand and website that could play its part in supporting this mission.


It was clear that the Academy’s brand had reached a point whereby it didn’t allow them to communicate in ways that align with its new strategy and future ambitions. Our challenge was to create a practical and creative framework that can speak to their wide ranging audiences effortlessly.


We needed to find ways to communicate the Academy’s mission and personality in a much more ownable and user-friendly way. Simplicity was key in bringing real clarity and purpose to the brand. The outcome is an identity that retains a timeless elegance, to always stay relevant in the midst of an ever-changing world, and which evokes a greater awareness of the impact of social science.

Our aim was to find the right personality for the logotype that contained enough character to feel friendly and approachable, whilst expressing a sense of professionalism that allowed the Academy to be taken seriously as a leading voice of the social sciences.

We played off the geometry of the letterforms by creating a brand system that can flex across different areas such as sub-brands and content modules.

The redesign of the website called for greater clarity and understanding of who the Academy are, what they do and the information they are presenting to their audiences. In the past the Academy’s output had become fragmented.


Our task was to allow the needs of the website to inform the holistic view of the brand itself. We overhauled the experience of the website by creating clear spaces for content with easily navigable considerations.

We’ve balanced simplicity, consistency and modernity in a way that brings clarity and distinction to their output.

As well as creating distinct spaces for each type of content, our modular approach promotes functionality and simplicity.

The website is essentially a tool for the Academy to be reactive to the ever-changing world of social science, to champion the importance of the sector and grow with the ambitions of its community.

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