23 November 2018

David Annesley wins a British Book Award!

The David Annesley, Kurumidza exhibition catalogue we designed for Waddington Custot gallery, has won a British Book Design and Production Award last night in the Art/Architecture Monograph Category. 

19 November 2018

Jedd Novatt opens at Waddington Custot

We have designed the catalogue and graphics for Jedd Novatt's first solo exhibition for Waddington Custot: Jedd Novatt – Conversations with Gravity. Exhibition will be open until the 30th of January, 2019.

17 November 2018

World Cities Culture Report 2018

Following the 2015 edition, Praline has designed the World Cities Culture Report again, ahead of the 2018 Summit in San Francisco. 

The 2018 edition looks at how cities are leading through their cultural policy. The report includes comparative data and longitudinal data visualisations of the Forum’s 70 cultural infrastructure and consumption indicators.

24 October 2018

Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2018 opens at the National Maritime Museum

We have collaborated with Plaid London and the Royal Greenwich Museums on this exhibition showcasing ten years of the most spectacular space photography. 

17 October 2018

Architects' Houses

Praline designs Michael Webb’s newest book with Thames & Hudson. Architects’ Houses explores the creative process and traces the influence of architect’s houses over the past two hundred years

Praline’s design features the texts, images, sketches and plans perfectly, illustrating the houses that differ widely, in size, material, character and location. There are urban infills, rustic retreats, experiments, and fusions of new and old. They all make a statement, modest or ambitious, and each reflects the personality and tastes of its owner.